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Product Name Sole Reseller/Agent Package
Price $ 3,000
Shipping Cost $ 0
Description The Reseller/Agent Package allow you to get more income as our Reseller/Agent: Benefits: Discount for this product 60%, 20% discount for next orders, and you may conduct training for DISC Certification on behalf of The Discovery Institute. The Package consist of; 15 DISC workbooks ($1,995), 2 DISC CD-ROM ($266), 300 Questionnaires ($936), and 300 credits for online assessment ($3,150). Total $6,347.00 OUR PRICE $ 2,538.80
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DISCovery® Benefit

  • Discover the index of Job-Person Match, one person to one position, or a group of persons to one position.
  • Discover training need analysis of a person
  • Discover the key word to motivate the person
  • Discover the best career for the person
  • Add values to your customer by using the latest technology in hiring.

DISCovery® Impacts

  • Increase quality of hire, quality of new employee hired.
  • Decrease time to fill, total number of days required from initial preparation up to new employee 1 st day work.
  • Decrease cost of hire, cost to hire new employee per position

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